Why do I feel so sad?

The sadness is taking over your life. But this sadness feels different from before.

You feel hopeless, worthless. Nothing seems enjoyable anymore. You don’t want to be home, but you also don’t want to be out – you don’t want to be anywhere.

This time, you can’t get enough sleep – or you can’t sleep at all. You have no interest in food, work, or play.

There is overwhelming loneliness, but you have no desire to be around people. It feels like no one cares or understands. What you hear from others is, “You have a great life – get over it.”

Some days are so dark that you feel you can’t go on any longer.

Depression is beyond sadness.

Depression is different for everyone, but it is more than feeling sad. It is like drowning in a sea of despair, unsure which path to take and not having the energy to try to decide. Sometimes there is a “cause” for your depression; sometimes, depression seems to come from nowhere.

Persistent feelings of sadness or loss are symptoms of depression. There are many other faces of depression, including changes in how we sleep, eat, our energy levels, concentration, or self-esteem.

Irritability and anger can accompany depression, and there is often a loss of interest in things that used to bring pleasure. Depression can also cause physical symptoms, such as headaches, body aches, and pain.

It can sometimes make us feel like nothing can help, and no point in continuing. Having these thoughts is scary.

Depression doesn’t have to last forever.

Therapy helps change depression. There are proven practices to help stop the overwhelming feelings and symptoms of depression and the thoughts that support them.

Together, we will explore the thoughts behind your sadness and challenge them. Therapy will help you develop new ways of thinking that will lead you to a path of happiness.

You will re-engage in your life, enjoying the people around you, as you find pleasure in the activities you used to love – and maybe find new activities to enjoy.

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