Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement
(CARE) Groups

Children are a big part of your life.

You’re a mom, a childcare worker, a nanny, or a teacher. Being around children or working with children is a big part of your day.

Some days, nothing seems to work. The children in your life are struggling with their behavior – tantrums, attention-seeking, or sharing. You wish you could find a better way to manage and interact.

Therapy doesn’t seem to be the right choice, but you know you need some help.

CARE may be the help you need.

Enter Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement, known as CARE. CARE is a skill-based intervention used to improve and grow adult-child relationships.

CARE is not therapy but employs several evidence-based parenting programs, including Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. CARE is also considered a trauma-informed intervention.

Skills learned in CARE are helpful to any adult who interacts with children and teens in any setting.

The clinician teaches skills through live coaching and caregivers practicing in pairs and small groups while being coached.

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