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Sadness and stress have worn you down.

Most days you are filled with dread, waiting for something bad to happen. You can’t concentrate and you overthink everything. Sleep is a thing of the past.

Each day is a struggle to get out of bed. Nothing you do seems to help.

Some days it feels like it is all too much.

You can feel happy again.

Fear, nightmares, and numbness are ruling your life.

How did this happen to you?

Your memories sabotage you over and over. Nightmares are with you most nights.

You feel afraid, panicked, and are avoiding people and places that remind you. It feels like no one can ever understand how you are feeling.

You can feel safe and secure again.

Defiant, stressed, controlling – whose child is this?

Children – of all ages – experience the same emotions that adults do – only they don’t know what to do with them. (Let’s face it – do we as adults handle our emotions appropriately all the time???)

Shut down or temper tantrums become the norm.

Sometimes, it feels like your child is running the house.

You’re embarrassed and starting to feel like a bad parent.

Your child can feel better – and you can, too!

I have solutions for you!

Relief is possible.

Today is the day you make that first step on the journey to a better life, and I am here to help you.

Working together, in a caring environment, you will gain insights and learn skills to help you manage the challenges you encounter daily.

Through our work together, you will feel stronger – emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The time to start is now.

Call (215) 872-9254 today as the first step in your journey forward.

Hi, I’m Kristine

The journey of life is filled with steep climbs, deep valleys, and difficult terrain. But it can also include triumphs, joy, and contentment.

My passion is helping people on their journey.

Each person and family are unique, and therapy is a very personal journey.

My goal is to meet you where you are with compassion and empathy, providing a safe place for you to work through your thoughts and feelings.

I will listen first and use proven practices tailored to your specific needs. You will develop insight and skills that will keep you moving forward.

What I Offer




I offer a free 20-minute phone or virtual
consultation to help us determine if working
together will be the best fit for you.

I look forward to speaking with you.