Nighttime is not your friend.

Every night is the same – you lie in bed thinking about all your “should haves” – the things you should do, the things you should have said, and what you should have done differently.

Each day is a never-ending replay. The same thought goes around in your head non-stop, and nothing seems to turn off your brain.

Answers and relief never come.

The unhelpful thoughts of an anxious mind are uninvited guests, not friends.

Daytime isn’t much better.

Every day starts with you waking up already feeling exhausted – you don’t have the energy to face the day.

You spend each day full of dread as you wait for something terrible to happen and the other shoe to drop. Your mind is full of ‘what ifs.’

What if I lose my job? What if she leaves me? What if they are angry? What if people find out?

Sometimes it feels like you are worried for no reason at all. Other times, you are so nervous you avoid situations and experiences or perform special rituals to keep bad things from happening.

There are days when the worry is so bad that you think you are having a heart attack. You can’t breathe, your chest is tight, your stomach hurts, and your head aches.

You avoid people, social events that you used to enjoy, or going out at all. You’re worried about doing something embarrassing or being judged by friends AND strangers. It is all too much.

Anxiety is not our friend.

The experiences you are having are more than being “worried” or “stressed.” The way you feel isn’t only about that test you have tomorrow or the report due at work.

Anxiety is an issue that affects sleep, physical health, relationships, concentration, work, and school performance.

Anxiety focuses on what happened yesterday and what might happen tomorrow. It doesn’t allow us to live in or enjoy today.

Our anxiety tells us we are in danger, even when we aren’t, and then tells us we can’t survive that danger.

There is an answer to all this worry.

Your life doesn’t have to be this way. With proven practices, therapy can help you combat the negative thinking that leads you to be anxious.

Together, we will develop thinking and behavioral techniques to manage your thoughts better – the thoughts that are leading you to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Combined with lifestyle adjustments that fit your needs, therapy can reduce the constant worry and lead to a calmer, balanced, and happier life.

Contact me today at (215) 872-9254 to begin the journey toward feeling better.

“The beautiful journey of today can only begin when we learn to let go of yesterday.”
– Dr. Steve Maraboli